MS Hospitality Beverage Association

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About Us

MHBA Board 

Victor Pittman - President
Mike Mensi - Vice President
Roy Tapp - Treasurer
Mitch Tyner - Secretary

Mike Barlow
Kevin Blackwell
Oscar Connell
Charles Davidson
Ricky DeAngelo
Doug Deweese
Al Gilless
Dr. Charles Hollingshead
Eric Hollingshead
Tim Howell
Jon Jackson
Kathy McDade
Terry Martin
Willie Meador
Edwina Royce
Jamie Stevens
Jess Tackitt
Jimmy Tharp

Executive Director
Buddy Medlin
Matt Hartley

The Mississippi Hospitality Beverage Association is made up of independent retailers - just like you!  Our membership body represents every area of the state of Mississippi and we all watch the political waters to ensure that our livelihood is being protected.  

Our association also employs a team of seasoned professionals who watch over our business interests during each legislative session.  Their wisdom and insight help our association navigate the legislative waters that effect our businesses.  This relationship is invaluable to the life of our association.

Having their watchful eyes allows our members the freedom to continue running their businesses and stay productive while our governmental affairs personnel are at the Capitol shaping our lives.

We also have a host of team members who watch the national scene to keep our membership abreast of threats on a national level that could impact our business.